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PA State Safety Inspections & Emissions Testing

PA State Inspection in Doylestown PA

Each year, Pennsylvania requires safety inspections at official PennDOT Inspection Stations.  Your vehicle must pass inspection to drive legally on Pennsylvania’s Roads. Motorists with vehicles registered in Bucks county and many other counties across PA must also pass a smog test or emissions inspection at a certified station.

Safety Inspections are performed on over 11 million Pennsylvania cars annually at hundreds of authorized State Inspection Stations. If you need an emissions testing station or safety inspection station in Doylestown, visit Zygmunt Motors Inc. 

We're authorized to perform PA Safety and Emissions Inspections. 

Call (215) 348-3121 to schedule your state inspection.

What Gets Checked During a PA Safety Inspection?

During your Vehicle Safety Inspection, Zygmunt Motors will inspect the following:

A Vehicle Emissions Test will also be performed at this time.

What Happens if My Vehicle Doesn’t Pass Inspection?

If your vehicle doesn't pass the safety inspection or smog inspection, one of our trained advisers will be available to answer any questions you may have, explain the problem and how to correct it, and re-inspect your vehicle.

Regarding PA Emissions Testing, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation states:

"A failed smog test in Pennsylvania indicates that your vehicle will not be able to be driven, since the emissions testing failure will not let you register your vehicle. If a smog check results in failure for you, all repair costs that are necessary to have your vehicle retested will be yours. If your vehicle fails a safety and emissions test within 30 days after repairs, then you may be eligible to apply for the smog test waiver."

"If a Pennsylvania smog check results in a failure, and you repair the vehicle which fails emissions testing again after being retested, then you can apply for a smog certification waiver. To be eligible for the one-year smog check waiver, you must have proof of having spent at least $150 in repairs after the safety and emissions testing, to be submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. These smog test repairs must have been completed by an accredited emissions inspection station."

*Check PennDOT for the latest updates and information on emissions inspections

Zygmunt Motors will be there to help with all your Vehicle Inspection needs. For more information, contact us online or by calling (215) 348-3121.

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